Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

TTS offer a reverse engineering service to customers who require a replacement part but do not have manufacturing drawings of the parts they require.  We deliver a hassle free and professional service for all your reverse engineering requirements. The drawings produced by us will become the property of the purchaser on completion of the contract.

Our experienced inspection team can provide an in-house service, featuring a temperature controlled standards room that houses the latest co-ordinate measurement machine. This enables us to take highly accurate measurements from which models can be produced in both 2D & 3D software. We also have an on-site service where we can offer the latest equipment using 3D scanning to produce models and accurate drawings from which the parts can be reverse engineered anywhere in the world.

If required, we are able to offer a finite analysis of the re-engineered parts to prove their suitability prior to manufacture. The finite analysis software allows us to apply the loads that the part will be subject to in service and show the parts reactions. Any fundamental weakness would be highlighted and design modifications can be made to improve the parts performance reducing the risk of a catastrophic failure.